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Hello. We're Slug Chicks! As you all know, Slug Chicks is a non-profit group that translates works mainly by Junji Ito. However, we recently expanded and have taken on a variety of other horror manga, including works by Nakayama Masaaki, Kazuo Umezz, Kanako Inuki and more. We usually release chapter every 10 days due to our limited staffs.

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5 Responses

  1. Kyle D says:

    I didn't realize that because I haven't read it, and as I mentioned I'm pretty new to this genre as far as manga goes.But I was actually thanking SC for *everything* they've done, like in general, not just this. 🙂

  2. Niko Pope says:

    Kyle D. Fuan No Tane Plus is not a Junji Ito manga it is written and illustrated by Masaaki Nakayama. 🙂

  3. Kyle D says:

    Thank you for scanlating all of these Junji Ito works, it's appreciated. I've just recently started getting into horror manga and it's been a lot of fun! As for myself, I've done a bit of fansubbing before, so I can imagine it must be great to work on something you really like this much. Hope this group can keep working on horror manga and have lots of fun for a long time to come. ^^

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think this is the end of volume 2

  5. How far is this from completion? The chapters are so short that I'm waiting until I can read it all at once.

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