[Slit-mouthed Woman Legends] Chapter 3 – Makeup

I do apologize for the delay. but here’s a new chapter from Slit-mouthed Woman Legends.

By any chance, if any of you guys know who has or where to find raws for it’s 2nd volume, drop us by a message so we can continue working on this series.
we are still in need of the following:
  • Japanese to English translator (HIGH PRIORITY)
  • Fear (cleaner and typesetter for vol. 2-3 NEEDED)
  • Wsamarus (cleaner and typesetter NEEDED)
  • Oneshot manga by Kanako Inuki (cleaners and typesetters NEEDED)


If you want to help us out, just drop us a message here on our Facebook page or thru email at [email protected]
subscribe to our mailing list here. we’ll let you know through email our latest releases and updates
enjoy reading!

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