[Yoshimi Seki Horror Collection] Chapter 1 – Countdown to Despair

It’s April everyone! We hope to have a good month ahead despite our situation right now. Since it’s a new month, we’re going to release a new series as well by Yoshimi Seki. We scanlated a oneshot work from 13-nin Short Suspense and Horror if you remember.

manga cover for new volume as always


Going to give a spoil on my question here, will you do the same if that kind of situation will happen right now? As always, stay safe, take care, stay at home as much as possible, always disinfect and observe proper hygiene!

We are still in need of Japanese and Chinese translators and Cleaners. If you’re interested to be a part of our team, give us a message on one of the staffs in our Discord server, message us on our Facebook page or give us an email at [email protected]

Don’t forget to join our Discord chat by clicking here: https://discord.gg/aYaEcm7 everyone is welcome to join! you can discuss our releases, read some announcements, chat with our staff and all.  We may barely post on our Facebook Page for now. We’ll go with the usual, share this post to our Facebook Page. Enjoy reading!

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