6 Replies to “[When The Girl Breaks] Chapter #1: The Joke and Money Tree”

  1. @KxYou’re wrong. A Family Computer, also known as Famicom, is what we call Nintendo Entertainement System. There is no "Super" in it's name. It’s NOT an SNES, it’s a NES, a video game console from one generation earlier.I think keeping it as "Family Computer" is the best choice, since it’s its actual Japanese name, and pretty much every Nintendo fan knows that. Any people who are not familiar with the Famicom/Family Computer would probably also not know what an NES is, anyway.

  2. Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter! :DJust wanted to say, the "Family Computer" is how it was already written in the manga, but thank you for pointing this out! 😀 I guess the author figured we just call the SNES "Fami(ly) com(puter)" in English, too ^^

  3. Hi. Great job! I only have one remark. "Super Famicom" is not a "Family Computer" but is actually a gaming console known in the West as Super Nintendo Enternainment System or SNES.

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