[Kouishou Radio] Vol. 3 Chapter 32-36

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

[Kouishou Radio] Vol. 3 Chapter 32-36

After how many months, the long wait is over!

here's the first 5 chapters of Volume 3.

Again, giving a huge thank you to Aishia for delivering us the raws from vol. 1 -3. We do apologize that it had taken a while for us to scanlate it but here it now!

enjoy reading!


Helen M. said...

Thank you SO much!!!!

Jet Team Production said...
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Jet Team Production said...

But thank you so much for your work, hopefully you'll focus on something else soon then, like volume 6 or Umezu stuff. You're life savers ! Long live Slug Chicks !

Anonymous said...


Slug Chicks said...

to: Jet Team Production

Thanks so much for that info. for now, I have that comment about the link hide for now as we're currently discussing on what to next if we will still continue the scanlation of this manga or stop halfway. we'll let you guys know about that. This is actually the first time we discover that.

-slug chicks

Jet Team Production said...

Sure no problem, I just wanted to show you I was not messing around, they seem to be official english ebooks. Anyway thanks a lot again !