[SHIRO IHON] 02 - Inside Out

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

[SHIRO IHON] 02 - Inside Out

Here's chapter 2 of Shiro Ihon.

Again, if you want to help us out, just drop us a message here on our Facebook page or thru email at Slug-chicks@live.com. we are currently in need of Japanese translators and Editors or cleaners/typesetters.

enjoy reading!


Jet Team Production said...

Thank you guys !! Awesome.
WIll you release more from Umezu's Fear as well?

Slug Chicks said...

yes. there are 2 more volumes for Fear and currently in progress of scanlating ^^

Anonymous said...


Jet Team Production said...

Great, can't wait for more Umezu stuff ! Anyway, thanks again for everything :)

mynickisdidit said...

Thanks for the release 😁