Monday, November 4, 2013

[THWOJI] Volume #7 Chapter #3: Mold

(Marie: Sorry, I tried to hold myself back - but this position is calling for it xD)

Finally, we have completed Volume 7! :D


Jessica said...

Definitely a big celebration! after months of absent you made us weep in tears of joy with these various update of sensei Junji Ito manga!
Agree with you. I think I'm stuck with Junji Itou manga!
His scanlation are something worth waiting for. And yours are one of the best! Thank you

Anonymous said...

Cool. Do you plan on doing the remaining eight chapters for the series?

Slug Chicks said...

yes. we're planning to scanlate all of the remaining chapters

SCUM TV said...

thanx guys for doing this, i love junji ito.