[KOUISHOU RADIO] Chapter #1: 89.27NHz

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

[KOUISHOU RADIO] Chapter #1: 89.27NHz

"A new masterpiece from the author of Fuan No Tane, Nakayama 
Masaaki. It comprises of horror stories using introspection that 
will disturb/unhinge you ~ best viewed at midnight!"



totomaru said...

Great. I thougth no one will pick up this manga.
Too bad there is alomst no plot.
Thanks a lot!

ezzygal said...

I've been looking forward to this being scanlated for ages, can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Can you also translate Kyuusen no Shima please

DEDI2S said...

i don't get this story.
what's so scary about a haircut ?

Jama said...

Same... I know Nakayama Masaaki specialises in "subtle" horror, but I think that in this case the scary part is lost to me.

sandy bunny said...

Yeah, I'm confused too since the next chapter dosent line up with this one. anyone else getting it?

Slug Chicks said...

Chapter 7 will answer all your questions. This one has a story on its own - just wait for it ;)

sandy bunny said...

Awesome thanks for the tip