4 Replies to “[THWOJI] Volume #8 Chapter #1: Blood-Bubble Bushes and Volume #12 Chapter 7: In The Soil”

  1. You're welcome! ;)Well, I'm not really sure about that. I talked to Sy regarding this matter and she said that as much as possible, she wanted her own scanlations to stay in her tumblr site–a decision which I think we should all respect. In the future though, we plan to compile every story volume by volume once it's gonna be completely scanlated. And of course, with permission from their designated scanlators' (if they're still available).

  2. First of all, thanks for scanlating Junji Ito stuffs. Now, about the few chapters scanlated by your member iemonsy, is it possible for you girls to pack them on some nice .zip or .rar files as usual? Thanks, and more power to you all.

  3. Well yes, Andrew is the only male "Slug Chick" xD We started as a group of girls and we didn't really expect to expand. Anyway, it didn't really matter much to him. It would be more weird if we called ourselves, Mr. Slug and his Chicks. lol.And thank you!

  4. sup! i recently found that though the group is called slug chicks there is at least one guy involved in it… wouldn't that completely change the name of the group? nice work you all are doing by the way.

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