7 Replies to “[THWOJI] Volume #14 Chapter #2: The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel”

  1. Great story. I really appreciate the hard work you people put into these releases.I have read all of your releases and I must say you do a very good job. However I cannot help but notice that there are some grammatical errors throughout many of the releases. If you ever need a proofreader I can be contacted at [email protected] have served as a proofreader and editor for several projects and I would be glad to be of some service to you in the future.

  2. I'm so glad I visited this site again. It has been so long since you release junji ito's so I'm so happy to see another chapter. Please continue to translate his works. Thank you!!!

  3. Hey, guys, you still doing Junji Ito stuff? Need any help? Just in case; I work for Trinity BAKumA as an editor/quality checker, so if you need any help in practically any department aside from translating (I specialize in typesetting though), I would love to give you a hand. I absolutely adore Ito and all of his works. I can take a test or something for you if you'd like, too.Give me a shout if it's [email protected]

  4. Woah, this story was really good. It's amazing how Ito mixes differents types of terror in a single short-story. I've missed you, guys. just wanted to say that too.

  5. why just now 🙁 we waited so long for your updates. we missed quality Junji Ito translation from you guys. glad you're back. :3

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