8 Replies to “[THWOJI] Volume #14 Chapter #4: Drifting Spores”

  1. Yeah hey, belated comment but I just finished reading this and feel somewhat floored. This felt totally different from every short story by Ito I've read before because of that Ryoichi kid keeping everything straight and helping the girl out with no stress. How the Heck did that happen?! Wasn't he supposed to die last or something?! Anyway, awesome work bringing this and looking forward to your other scanlations!

  2. I really appreciate this. I'm slowly gathering the whole collection from every available source, and this was one from a dozen chapter that's still missing.This man is a genius

  3. Hey, I don't know if you'll read this… but I'm a HUGE Junji Ito admirer, he's my idol and inspiration. I have always loved horror stories, and specially horror illustrations, as well as lovecraftian cosmic horror. Junji puts the three of them together in an awesome blend, and it's sad America hasn't seen much of his work, some short stories are even better than a whole volume of Tomie. It's sad many manga/anime fans have never heard of him but you are here, helping us get to know and understand his work, keep like that, don't give up, kudos, you are great!

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