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  1. Erm, hey there. Thank you for scanlating this manga and all the Junji Itō ones! But I’ve been wondering … since this manga seems to be non-linear, wouldn’t it make more sense for you gals to compile enough chapters for one storyline to be finished/make sense rather than uploading each chapter as soon as you’re done? Reading it like this, bit by bit, really, well, ruins the “atmosphere”. I know that I could just wait until they’re all done but I say this also for those people among your readers who won’t think of that and thus will end up spoiling this manga for themselves. I read the first six chapters in a row and they’re not really scary (yes, I am reading this at midnight … well, 2 a.m. but same thing, right?) which I attribute to the structure of this work. Linear manga usually have some sort of cliffhanger or the like which allows for a serialized publication where the reader has something to keep him over until the next chapter but this one (which seems to be a “one shot” of sorts, created and released in one go) doesn’t really lend itself to that :/ So yeah, maybe pile up a couple of chapters (or heck, the entire volume) before releasing them.Anyway, rant over. Just something I thought you might wanna consider. Keep up the otherwise good work though.

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