7 Replies to “[KOUISHOU RADIO] Chapter #7: 82.39NHz”

  1. This girl shares too many similarities with the girl in the first chapters. The hair, the time-dimension demons, the reflection in the train-window. I'm assuming its her. It doesn't make sense to introduce this "Jinta" character though. The girl in the first story had been prepared for later demon encounters by her granny who'd cut her hair. But now it's revealed that this "Jinta" character is the cause of the demons appearance, because of a grudge. But how would the granny know about this? I'm looking at the last page of the first chapter….The granny is the narrator?

  2. So in the end we never know what did jinta bring inside him that it make girls around him suffer? lol,, poor jinta, but still, an a****e!! lol …and that pulling face behind was SCARY omg

  3. The survey was actually 50/50.What we're doing is releasing the remainder of the volume we've already released most of in chapters, but for future volumes releasing them in chunks of around 5 chapters or so.

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