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  1. I really love this one. I didn't interpret it as a 'come up with your own ending' story, nor as one that the author was too lazy to finish. I think it's perfect how it is, because of the mystery. It's scarier because of the unknown, because the real answer is ambiguously even scarier than anything a reader could come up with.As for the argument that the location isn't scary and there's no set-up or atmosphere, that's another reason why this is so brilliant. It's one of those unexpected, this-could-happen-anywhere-at-anytime scares. The characters had never been there before and heard nothing scary about it. They were expecting a relaxing vacation, but what they got down there was bizarre and creepy.

  2. So did the people complaining about the ending not understand that it was supposed to be a troll ending? and that you weren't supposed to take the darn thing seriously? ¬_¬

  3. I read this more as a parody on the trope of how people in horror stories act incredibly stupid in dangerous situations. By showing some semblance of awareness of the fucked up situation, the girls avoid their horror story fate.Ito likes to do these tongue in cheek troll comics.

  4. I get the whole "leave it to the reader to interpret and imagine" thing, but this one literally makes you come up with everything, every answer to your own questions! AT LEAST give us something to go off! I'm reading this for entertainment, I don't think I should have to entertain myself! I can do that without this strip! And yes, there's nothing wrong with a "smart" character not wanting to know what's going on, but whose to say that whatever it is won't reveal itself anyway?! I mean the food server asked, "YOU saw her?," as if to say that not every patron sees this mysterious woman. So they must be there for a purpose! Other wise, what the purpose of this strip? To finish before the reader does? I get enough of that from my husband!! LOL

  5. Felt like an introduction piece. The moral of the story is put forward clearly and the story is brought to a closure. The start of a multi-part story? Guess that depends on the writer, or the publisher? Who wrote this anyway?

  6. I actually like this one and its cliffhanger ending. It's pretty enigmatic and it leaves to the reader's interpretation and imagination why there is a woman who passes a long stairway carrying only a lamp and why there a lot of heads turned away in the hot springs. Why indeed? ahahah.

  7. Only problem with this, really is that it literally stops before it gets too scary.Everything before it is pretty solid, though. Especially how one friend notices that, yes, they better get the hell outta that hot bath. Nothing wrong with being clever in a horror story, really.

  8. Crap ending. I understand the feeling of "don't tell me if it's scary!" but this really comes across as an author who didn't bother to think up an ending.

  9. I actually love this one., I know how it feels to be someone with strong sense to danger and things we were not supposed to see but we feel it., i know exactly how it feels to feel but can't describe it and being called scaredy-cat for a soooo long till now. Even though I am wondering so much what exactly that is, but the friend's decision is right not to listen the true story coz they are still staying in that hotel after all…. hahahha,, thanks a lot for the translations, guys!!

  10. I actually like this one. The friend was really smart, instead of being dumb-curious she knew to shut up and not ask questions, just get the hell out of there. She was refreshing. Though I wish there was a little bit more, but I would have done the same thing, I don't want to know either.

  11. this one is really "meh", how is it scary? the spa isn't in a remote location, it's right inside the hotel complex. there's a bunch of hotel workers inside the complex, people are friendly, no ominous atmosphere, and the spa isn't cordoned off. oh and everyone's facing away? maybe it's just really crowded. 4/10. juni ito deserved better

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